St. Mary’s on the edge of Primrose Hill park, is renowned for its cultural events throughout the year; they not only provide fun and entertainment with events such as the Annual Barn Dance and wine tasting, but also provoke stimulating debate during the sell-out Lecture Series (past speakers have included Alan Bennett, Alan de Botton, Tony Benn).

The church venue has become a hub for the community, and the events hosted by the Friends of St Mary’s help fund the far-reaching outreach work of St Mary’s Centre with disadvantaged youth in the surrounding area, helping them to avoid the blight of gang life and provide a safe place to relax, and no less important is the cold weather shelter, where volunteers provide clean beds for a night, cook suppers and provide hot showers for the homeless in winter. The charity also helps maintain the church in a condition it justly deserves, so we can all enjoy its history and architecture.

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