Cold Weather Shelter


homlessness_BannerC4WS is a church based ‘rolling shelter’ that provides emergency accommodation to street homeless, those at immediate risk of rough sleeping locally and ‘hidden homeless’. The project runs from November to March every year and has a capacity of 16 beds.

C4WS is a collection of different congregations from various denominations with the same heart. To reach out to the homeless of Camden and provide warmth, food, security and hope. We have a set venue for each night of the week which is manned by 20-30 volunteers per night. Through the partnerships of local churches the project has a unique ability to meet the practical needs of homeless individuals in Camden and the surrounding area without discrimination or favour.Admittance to C4WS is by referral only. Guests can stay for up to 28 days with the objective of being resettled into more permanent accommodation by the C4WS Welfare Coordinator in partnership with local agencies.

How you can help

There are a few ways that you can support the running of the shelter here at St Mary’s. We run our Shelter once a week during November and December.
All the funding in the world is great, but this organisation cannot run without the dedication of the volunteers. Just ask any of our volunteers from last year about their experience and they will sell it better than I could. If you are interested in taking part this year contact me at I will be organising a meet and some training, soon for old and new volunteers. Get in touch if you want to be in the loop.
You can download the Volunteer Information pack.


Alas, though food does grow on some tree’s, the money to buy it each week to feed our guests, does not. Donations need to be raised each year, by each church involved, for the weekly running costs of the shelter. This is funds for food, toiletries, laundry and utilities. It is up to each church to fundraise for their own shelter period.There are a few ways you can help the shelter run this year…

‘Sponsor a guest’

£15.00 – Will pay for Dinner, Breakfast, toiletries, Laundry (cleaning the bed linen) and utilities for one guest for one week
£140 – Will pay for one guest over the total 7 weeks

Clothing donations

Last year we had great donations of winter clothing for our guests. The Coats, jumpers, Scarf’s, and hats were received well by our guests, especially on the crisp, snowy mornings as they had to venture back out onto the streets.
Packets of socks, vests and thermals are also greatly received


Any donations can be sent to the St Mary’s Office. Cheques can be made payable to St Mary’s PCC, with Cold Weather Shelter marked on the back.

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